Wallstein Verlag

Teresa Präauer

Dining in the Wrong Century


198 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8353-5429-6


German Version

To be able to be a hostess actually means: to have grown up.

The novel of an evening and an invitation to dinner. Full of recipes for a successful life and an unsuccessful evening, which always starts anew, clever, funny, cheerful, at the same time accompanied by the sometimes subliminal and sometimes quite openly articulated aggressions of the people involved. In conversations, the host couple and their guests discuss very big and small issues, covering the range from ›foodporn‹ images on the internet to cooking, shopping and living as social practices.
Increasingly, the evening becomes more comical, more tragic, more erotic – negotiating individual ›current‹ terms, while the hostess is not a particularly talented hostess and repeatedly feels transported to the wrong century. Along the way, a history of goods, food and cooking is told anecdotally.
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