Wallstein Verlag

Heinrich Detering

Old Glory


74 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8353-1167-1 (2012)


German Version

Heinrich Detering’s new poems take measure of distances in space and time, leading us to

Kilchberg and Kapernaum, to Auerstedt and Lemberg, to Texas and the Li River. They explore Elvis Presley’s Graceland und follow Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show to Weimar. With the use of lithe formal art and a playful balance between humour and sadness, they ask questions about the history of places:

about those who lie buried beneath the turf, about the possibility of happiness.

Heinrich Detering designs landscapes that are influenced by time and history. And he is a »metaphysical poet« – with discretion, irony, humour.
Harald Hartung

The Author
Heinrich Detering, born in 1959, teaches German Literature at the University of
Göttingen. He has published several volumes of poetry, literary studies and essays. Detering has also worked as a translator and editor. In 2003 he was awarded the »Preis der Kritik« (Critics' Prize).

Published by Wallstein
Schwebstoffe (Suspended Matter). Poems (2004)
Wrist. Poems (2009)
Hans Christian Andersen, Landschaft mit Poet (Landscape with Poet). Poems, selected and translated by Heinrich Detering (2008)
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