Wallstein Verlag

Thomas Lehr

Kafka’s Scissors

83 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8353-5586-6


German Version

»You will cut, and you will fall endlessly into one world or the other.«

Thomas Lehr‘s miniatures are based on Franz Kafka‘s masterly model. They are variations and homage, an addition to and expansion of the spectrum of superb nightmares and humorously grotesque visions. Whole days are spent without a head, the sensitive scissors that separate man from God and animal are applied. Mythical figures meet bizarre civilizations from other galaxies, ludicrous reproductive techniques produce hair-raising results. The grim regime in the Tower of Babel does not lie far from the post-Orwellian surveillance state in these linguistic conundrums brought to extreme brevity.
Miniatures from the 21st century that carry the spirit of Kafka within them.
Thomas Lehr, born in Speyer in 1957, lives and works as a freelance writer in Berlin. Lehr‘s work, which includes several novels, has received numerous awards.
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