Wallstein Verlag

Teresa Präauer

Happiness is a Bean

and other stories

312 pages, 12,0 x 20,0 cm
ISBN: 978-3-8353-3948-4 (2021)


German Version

These stories paint a panoramic picture of the present time. Colourfully iridescent and sharply contoured, they come together as a kaleidoscopic whole.

These stories are love stories, but not only in a traditional sense. They are also love stories about the love for the small things surrounding us on a daily basis. They include actual and fictional re­collections: taking snowboard lessons in the Salzburg mountains with Phil Collins, visiting Britney Spears at home or a first trip to London tracing Jimi Hendrix, which recalls childhood memories. Also these are stories about literature, art and the internet. Painters make an appearance, along with writers, poems, TV shows, YouTube tutorials and five tragically intertwined squirrels from Wisconsin.

Teresa Präauer’s brilliantly written stories paint a panoramic picture of the present time. Wherever she turns her gaze, images emerge that are as surprising as they are insightful, as witty as they are profound. With curiosity and knowledge, she looks into the world and invites us to entertain wild thoughts.
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