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Sabine Peters

Fire Friend


220 pages, 12 x 20 cm
ISBN: 978-3-8353-0788-9 (Juli 2010)


German Version

An intense story about love and letting go, about a young woman and a much older man.

In the letters he writes to Marie from Portugal, Rupert encloses feathers, cigarettes, goats` teeth or butterflies` wings. Soon, the two of them move in together at the back of beyond in East Frisia, where they write their books. But: with an age difference of 33 years, how can this work?
Rupert is a fire friend; he likes to tend the embers in the kitchen stove when he is not out watching the waders at the dyke. This is not a retreat to an idyllic place - he is a radical thinker who considers the world to be unfairly organised. With friends from all over the place, Rupert and Marie hold discussions on how this could be changed. They travel constantly through Germany and Europe, before moving to Hamburg.
A love story that is told starting from the end, when Rupert dies at the age of eighty, after spending more than twenty years together.

The writing skill of Sabine Peters is a literary event.
Christoph Haas, Süddeutsche Zeitung

The Author
Sabine Peters, born in 1961, studied literary studies, political science and philosophy in Hamburg. As well as novels, stories and radio plays, Sabine Peters also writes essays and reviews. She has received several awards including the Ernst Willner Prize in the Ingeborg Bachmann competition, the Clemens Brentano prize and the Evangelical Book Prize.

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