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Places, Spaces, and Voids in the Holocaust

Edited by Natalia Aleksiun and Hana Kubátová

Reihe: European Holocaust Studies; Bd. 3

The EHS issues are thematic. Each issue features a selection of peer-reviewed research articles, which offer novel perspectives on the main theme.

- Andrea Löw and Kim Wünschmann: Film and the Reordering of City Space in Nazi Germany: The Demolition of the Munich Main Synagogue
- Michal Frankl: Cast out of Civilized Society. Refugees in the No Man`s Land between Slovakia and Hungary in 1938
- Beate Meyer: Foreign Jews in Nazi Germany - Protected or Persecuted? Preliminary Results of a New Study
- Dominique Schröder: Writing the Camps, Shifting the Limits of Language: Toward a Semantics of the Concentration Camps?
- Tal Bruttmann, Stefan Hördler, and Christoph Kreutzmüller: A Paradoxical Panorama: Aspects of Space in Lili Jacob’s Album
- Irina Rebrova: Jewish Accounts of Soviet Evacuation to the North Caucasus
- Malena Chinski: A New Address for Holocaust Research: Michel Borwicz and Joseph Wulf in Paris, 1947–1951
- Anna Engelking: »Our own traitor« as the Focal Point of Belarusian Folk Narrative on Local Perpetrators of the Holocaust
- Hannah Wilson: The Memoryscape of Sobibór Death Camp: Commemoration and Materiality

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Natalia Aleksiun

Natalia Aleksiun is Professor of Modern Jewish History at Touro College, Graduate School of Jewish Studies, New York. She specializes in the social, political, and cultural history of modern East European Jewry and has written extensively on the history ...


Hana Kubátová

Hana Kubátová is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the Charles University in Prague. Her areas of research include majority-minority relations in Slovakia, the social history of the Holocaust, and the relationship between memory and robbery.


Childhood during War and Genocide


Colonial Paradigms of Violence


The Holocaust in the Borderlands


Right-Wing Politics and the Rise of Antisemitism in Europe 1935-1941
Frank Bajohr and Dieter Pohl

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