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The Holocaust in the Borderlands

Interethnic Relations and the Dynamics of Violence in Occupied Eastern Europe

Herausgegeben von Gaëlle Fisher und Caroline Mezger

Reihe: European Holocaust Studies; Bd. 2

Violence against Jews, Roma, and other persecuted minorities in the multiethnic borderlands of Eastern, Central, and Southeastern Europe.

Anca Filipovici: The Rise of Antisemitism in the Multiethnic Borderland of Bukovina: Student Movements and Interethnic Clashes at the University of Cernăuți (1922-1938)
Doris Bergen: Saving Christianity, Killing Jews: German Religious Campaigns and the Holocaust in the Borderlands
Linda Margittai: Hungarians, Germans, Serbs, and Jews in Wartime Vojvodina: Patterns of Attitudes and Behaviors towards Jews in a Multiethnic Border Region of Hungary
Goran Miljan: The »Ideal Nation-State« for the »Ideal New Croat«: The Ustasha Youth and the Aryanization of Jewish Property in the Independent State of Croatia, 1941-1945
Svetlana Suveica: Appropriation of Jewish Property in the Borderlands: Local Public Employees in Bessarabia during the Romanian Holocaust
Anna Wylegała: Listening to Contradictory Voices: Jewish, Polish, and Ukrainian Narratives on Jewish Property in Nazi-Occupied Eastern Galicia
Miriam Schulz: Gornisht oyser verter?!: The Yiddish Language as a Mirror of Interethnic Relations and Dynamics of Violence in German-Occupied Eastern Europe

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Frank Bajohr and Dieter Pohl

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