Wallstein Verlag

Felix Heidenreich

I Still Remember


146 pages, 12,0 x 20,0 cm
ISBN: 978-3-8353-5298-8


German Version

On a cold, wet September morning, Dorela is making her way back to Fribourg. Suddenly she hears a noise: Is someone calling for help? A few days later, Dorela learns about the death of her uncle Durs. While Dorela is in love and wants to enjoy life with Antoine, she still travels to Berlin with her mother, where her uncle worked for the Swiss representation. The chaos in his apartment causes horror: Countless documents, records and notes scattered on the floor suggest that Durs had completely lost himself in the settlement history of North America. Had her uncle possibly gotten carried away with the desire to become a Native American? What was he looking for? And what’s the deal with the mysterious hole dug in the basement? Dorela suspects that she is part of this story as well. A web of mysterious references connects her uncle’s story to her own life, to Antoine, and to the places she visits. In the south of France, in Paris, Venice and New York, her memories come together, forming a bigger picture.

With detailed descriptions of events and places, Felix Heiden­reich draws the reader into his debut novel.

Felix Heidenreich is a philosopher and political scientist and teaches at the University of Stuttgart. He is also a scientific coordinator at the International Center for Cultural and Technological Research at the University of Stuttgart. Heidenreich has published on political theory, cultural theory and cultural politics. »I Still Remember« is his literary debut.
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