Wallstein Verlag

Ute-Christine Krupp

Precision Landing


159 pages, 12,0 x 20,0 cm
ISBN: 978-3-8353-3888-3 (2021)


German Version

Terrorism and love in the digital age.

Berlin in 2011: the security services are on high alert; a terrorist attack is anticiapted, with the German Reichstag being one of the targets. Paul Jost, part of the convened special commission, is being tasked with the decision whose telephone is going to be tapped, and when. Weighing up the basic right of freedom with the preservation of public safety, he struggles with the burden of his responsibilities. While he is constricting people’s liberty at work, in private he is looking for exactly this: freedom, since his marriage has fallen apart. Professionally the digital sphere allows him to follow the tracks of Islamists, while at home it helps him in his search for a new love.
How does it change a person if he works for a national security agency and is responsible for the prevention of terrorist attacks? How does one cope with such a burden? How far can the government go when it comes to the violation of fundamental rights? These are the questions the author addresses in this novel, which is based on actual events.
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