Wallstein Verlag

Jörg Albrecht

Seeing the Image of the Wolf


262 pages, 12 x 20 cm
ISBN: 978-3-8353-1049-0 (März 2012)


German Version

Jörg Albrecht’s novel measures the pulse of the immediate present. And tracks down within it the ghosts of the past.

A group of friends in their early thirties, ten years after the turn of the century: Thies, his ex-girlfriend Wanda, Jasper and the twins Jonte and Pelle. They work as freelancers in a large city dominated by advertising, gentrification and creative economy. They are always short of cash and take on any job, however badly paid – visibility is crucial! However, apart from working on their images, the other thing on their minds is the search for great romantic love: by all means not a simple one. By and large, the great expectations of freedom and self-realization have led to nothing but self-exploitation and precarious existences. Thies does research on the creative sector, interviewing people who claim to work in it, and shoots a film with his friends on the history of the town and their personal past. Dark clouds rise up, gender confusion, everything seems marked with a trail of blood. In the end, does one become a wolf oneself? Is this a game? A play? Or is it really one’s own life?
Jörg Albrecht asks questions regarding the impositions of neoliberal society and compares its demands with reality.

One of the most courageous, playful and interesting young German authors.
David Hugendick, Die Zeit

The Author
Jörg Albrecht, born in Bonn in 1981, lives in Berlin. He studied comparative literature, history, literary and theatre studies in Vienna and Bochum. In addition to his novels he has published a number of radio and theatre plays, the most recent of which is »Terence Hill’s Blue Eyes«,

which played for the first time at the Steirischer Herbst Festival in Graz in 2011 and was then performed in Berlin and Jena.

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