Wallstein Verlag

Clemens Berger

The Institute of Stroking


356 pages, 12 x 20 cm
ISBN: 978-3-8353-0619-6 (März 2010)


German Version

An extremely funny, clever novel about an endearing good-for-nothing who meets with sudden success.

Sebastian was sensational at stroking, his touch somehow both soothing and exciting at the same time - at least Anna, his girlfriend, thought so. Still she was actually only fooling around on holiday when she suggested he should start using this talent on a professional basis. Of course (Rule Number One) never below the waist!
When, one and a half years later, Sebastian finally gets round to going to the trade office to officially register the opening of the Institute of Stroking in Mondscheingasse, he experiences almost insurmountable difficulties, even during the initial stages.

The officer suggests that the business should run under the category of »massage parlour«, as »stroking« does not feature anywhere on her list. Finally, they agree on »life counselling«. The fact that people actually come and even pay rather a lot of money comes almost as a surprise, even to Sebastian.

At last he is a »useful member of the human market«, he says to himself, although he does have to admit that his target group and desired target group are not identical and that, suddenly, quite unexpected difficulties seem to have arisen.

The Author
Clemens Berger, born in Güssing (Austria) in 1979, studied Philosophy and Journalism in Vienna. Publications: The Hanged Monk. Short Stories (2003), Paul Beer`s Evidence. Novel (2005), The Eating Competition, Novel (2007). He also published a study on the late works of Hans Mayer. Berger lives in Vienna, on the road and in Southern Burgenland.

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