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Ulrike Kolb



300 pages, 12 x 20 cm
ISBN: 978-3-8353-0559-5 (August 2009)


German Version

Ulrike Kolb tells the story of the love between a Jewish man and a German woman, a love which stands its ground against all the consequences of the past and finally threatens to crumble when challenged by everyday conflicts.

With affection and melancholy, Carla looks back at her marriage, which began as an amour fou in Israel. The feelings that initially draw Carla and Yoram to one another are powerful and impulsive; however the young lovers are soon confronted with painful scepticism and doubts which appear to be just as strong. Yoram`s Israeli friends eye the young German woman critically, and his mother Aliza is not particularly impressed by the choice her son has made. In Germany the young couple encounter similar problems - the »processing of the past«, which is proudly acclaimed to be taking place everywhere, seems to have dripped off the polished surface of reality.
However their happiness is not only threatened by outside dangers. Yoram, the passionate architect, does not always succeed in breaking away from the feelings that haunted him in his nightmares when he was a child. And the three women in his life - Aliza-, Carla and his daughter Vered - have their own memories, hopes and fears. In the end, Vered strides off resolutely towards the future.

Ulrike Kolb tells her story with remarkable assurance.
Meike Fessmann, Süddeutsche Zeitung

The Authoress
Ulrike Kolb, born in 1942, is a freelance authoress and lives in Frankfurt am Main. Publications include: »Roman ohne Held« (Novel without a Hero, 1996); »Frühstück mit Max« (Breakfast with Max, 2000); »Schönes Leben« (Beautiful Life, 2002); »Diese eine Nacht« (This One Night, 2003)
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