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Clemens Berger

And Cut off his Right Ear

Short stories

180 pages, 12 x 20 cm
ISBN: 978-3-8353-0473-4 (2009)


German Version

Clemens Berger`s stories are tales of passion. A man`s love for a French philosopher in Rome, for example, a woman he is soon able to contact only by letter, by e-mail or in his dreams. The title story tells of Alfred, who is to play Judas in an amateur performance of a Passion play. Unintentionally, he becomes quite absorbed by the figure he is playing. He asks himself all manner of questions in an attempt to fulfil his role in an authentic way, and these lead him deeper and deeper into a state of extreme confusion. Is it not true that the traitor is basically the closest ally of the person betrayed? After all, without him the story would never work out at all. But in that case, can he actually be seen as a traitor? All attempts at classification lead him further and further away from any form of clarity.

The story »Difficult Birth« is about an artist who has retreated to the country because she suddenly feels that contemporary art is without contents. She intends to paint themes that are relevant to the present in altarpieces, in the style of the old masters. But this does not protect her from misunderstandings, even scandals. And in a series of totally unplanned events, in which she has no say whatever, her path leads her back to the Museum of Modern Art.
Berger`s love stories are fragile, passionate, philosophical and modern.

The Author
Clemens Berger, born in Güssing (Austria) in 1979, studied Philosophy and Journalism in Vienna. Publications: The Hanged Monk. Short Stories (2003), Paul Beer`s Evidence. Novel (2005), The Eating Competition, Novel (2007). He also published a study on the late works of Hans Mayer. Berger lives in Vienna, on the road and in Southern Burgenland.

The stories revolve around the theme of passion, both feigned and real. Their impassioned heroes are shown in a highly focussed, almost unreal light.

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