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Kai Weyand

Applause for Bronikowski


188 pages
Format: 12 x 20
ISBN 978-3-8353-1604-1

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For Kai Weyand it's a matter of life and death. Very funny.

Nies is over thirty now, but sometimes he still seems far away from becoming an adult. He prefers spending his time throwing eggs and tomatoes against buildings to working in a bank like his brothers. And the fact that his parents left him alone at a rather early age cannot be used as an excuse forever, even though Nies adamantly clings to his defiant nickname from those times. He is an observer, a player who makes up his own mind about everything. It is more by luck than judgement that he suddenly finds himself with a job: at a funeral parlour. The confrontation with death proves demanding, especially as a sense of responsibility has not been one of his outstanding characteristics up until now. He manages to make up for this with his skills of improvisation, and deep down he is really a thoroughly decent kind of guy. Whatever kind of clichés might exist – being an undertaker's assistant is a highly varied occupation. And the dignity of a human being does not come to an end after death.

Kai Weyand
Born 1968, studied, works as a prison teacher and as an employee at a firm of solicitors, lives in Freiburg. Awarded first prize at the open mike of the LiteraturWERKstatt Berlin, the Irseer Pegasus and the Bolero literary prize.