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Jeffrey Weeks

Sexual Equality

Gender, Sexuality and Homosexual Emancipation in Europe

59 pages
Format: 12 x 20
ISBN 978-3-8353-1324-8

In the battle for homosexual equality, Magnus Hirschfeld set his hopes on science. This is reflected in biologistic patterns of argumentation: physical and genetic causes for homosexuality formed the basis of discussions which were to retain a strong influence for a long time, not only in the field of sexual research but in many other areas. It was not until the 1970s that these patterns were broken and fundamentally challenged as new, more radical movements arose. An approach based on historical and social aspects was established, in which more emphasis was placed on equality and human rights. Contemporary debates on same-sex civil partnerships and gay marriage can be traced back to this change in approach.
Jeffrey Weeks examines the diverse associations and circumstances surrounding this change in the patterns of argumentation for sexual equality, and ventures to make a prognosis of future developments.

An account of the change in sexual equality since the early 20th century.

The Author
Jeffrey Weeks, born in 1945, is an emeritus professor of sociology at the London South Bank University.